Remember when working home was seen as a luxury rather than a necessity? When it was something we had to request, rather than being mandatory? Three months really is a long time in our dramatically different world, but while workers have formally adapted to the changing environment, it’s not clear their employers have done the same.

Let’s talk about flexible arrangements. Forced into remote working out of necessity, it turns out many of us are discovering that we actually quite like it. More time with our loved ones. Hours previously spent on commuting now devoted to cooking. What actually looks like a work-life balance for the first time in years. With a staggering 51% of respondents preferencing remote working according to a recent Building20 survey, the genie is very much out of the bottle. The question now, as some of us return to workplaces or stay firmly in the laptops-and-pajamas camp is how we find a happy medium.

At Example, we have always looked for smart new ways to work as a team. We’ve had work from home policies, an office in Brisbane and other initiatives baked into our DNA since we opened up shop. When we started looking for a new home base, we couldn’t find a space flexible enough to allow open working and collaboration, so we built it ourselves

Currently, our space has at least half its seats allocated for people that might not want to go back to their gigantic office building. We’re fielding calls weekly from managers that want to allocate space to their teams without paying for a desk for every staff member. It’s showing us that there’s a new frontier emerging not only for work culture, but also physical structure. 

Campaign UK recently found that only 1 in 8 staff want to return to the office full time at all. That’s a huge shift, the likes of which we haven’t seen at scale in nearly six decades of the modern workplace, even with the advent of connected offices and technology. Some 50% of the same respondents said they’d prefer to come back ‘some days’ of the week. So what’s that all about? At the end of the day, we still need that human connection. Our colleagues become an important part of our lives, we never want to see that connection lost.  At Example, we live for our Friday wines to celebrate our week together and the team lunches that remind us to slow down and have a chat. 

There are agencies and businesses out there that won’t have anyone through the door until next year. That doesn’t mean those people need to stay at home. Perhaps they don’t want to - 52% of us don’t according to this study. Perhaps they want a few days a week in a different environment, to help separate ‘work’ from ‘home’, a serious bugbear of working from home. Maybe they don’t want to queue for half an hour for a sanitised lift just to get to their desk - thank heavens we’re on the ground floor!

Whatever it may be, working from home nonstop can be demotivating. We all need a second space to exist, for both professional and personal reasons. But what if there could be a third? 

At Example House we have permanent and flexible desk options that you can choose from to suit yourself or the whole team.  We'd love to share a drink with you at our bar on Friday afternoon or grab a coffee from our espresso machine in the mornings.  We're building a community of incredible people that are excited to see each other, but also love having their flexibility to work where they thrive. We'd love you to be a part of it.

We think the future of work starts with an acknowledged compromise between employer and employee, the manager and the managed, the client and the agency. Things may go back to normal, but not the normal we remember. This new lifestyle needs a new type of office. Maybe you should give ours a shot?

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Example acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land on which we work, and we recognise their continuing connection to land and culture.

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