Bar Ombre Logo

In 2019, Salt Meats Cheese opened their first rooftop bar – a passion project by their founding cousins with bartending backgrounds, Stefano and Eduardo.

Brand story for Bar Ombre

Example were tasked to develop a new brand identity concept for Salt Meats Cheese’s inner-city rooftop haven sister bar, boasting afternoon aperitivo, light fare, and eclectic entertainment.


We designed the visual, culinary and written identities for Salt Meats Cheese’s boldest opening yet. Bar Ombré, which toasts to the changing gradients of the setting sun, is positioned as an authentic Italian aperitivo spot for inner city working locals. With a cheeky identity that nodded to the company’s founding cousins, we utilised bold, broken Italian phrasing and contemporary design to attract a lively consumer searching for some sunshine.

A gradient with the Bar Ombre logo
Assortment of Coasters
A selection of colour gradients in circles
A selection of business card designs
Gradient with round graphic device
Three promotional posters
An orange cocktail in a tall glass
Graphic treatment of text
A selection of colourful menus
Graphic treatment of text
Negroni cocktail on white tiled table
Series of three posters
Small plane flying across a sunset

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