Bringing to-life the story of Rosebery’s forefather for a new dining concept

Parlour Group, the hospitality team behind Riley St Garage, Surley’s and The Village Inn, acquired a new restaurant & bar site in 2017 at The Cannery precinct in Rosebery.


Example were commissioned to develop a new brand identity (including name) for the new venue and execute a strategic PR launch campaign for the stunning new dining destination.


Conducting extensive market research, Example very quickly uncovered the fascinating story of Rosebery’s forefather, Richard Stanton. Tying Richard’s story in with the suburb’s former industrial glory, which previously played home to iconic Australian brands Rosella Co, Cyclone Fence & Gate Co and Westinghouse Co, Example landed on the name of Stanton & Co for Parlour Group’s new venue.

Next Example proceeded to build a brand identity leveraging the story of Richard Stanton and his influence on the suburb, while also acknowledging the history of industrialism that previously existed within Rosebery. The Stanton & Co brand identity helped to elevate these stories of yesteryear, while presenting a contemporary and appealing brand for today’s diners. Further elevating the main logo mark, Example also created brand elements that referenced the unique urban planning lines of the suburb, ensuring a strong connection to story and locality.

Finally, we developed a comprehensive PR campaign that not only generated buzz for the venue - building its own story and identity, as well as establishing its place in Sydney dining - but capitalised on the interest to develop the press narrative around Parlour Group.

The generated 59 items of media coverage over a two month period, with a total estimated reach of 5,420,083 and PR value of $381,309.

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“Thank you so much. I really appreciate all the hard work you guys put in to deliver such creative brand concepts.”

– Brody Petersen, Parlour Group


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