Unleashing the dark spirits on the wild sea with Talisker

Talisker Single Malt Scotch Whisky, made on the shores of one of the most remote and rugged landscapes in Scotland, partnered with Hobart’s Dark Mofo Festival in 2019 with two immersive bar experiences - The Talisker Wilderness Bar on the Dark Path, and The Talisker Winter Feast Bar.

Food Set Up Talisker

Example was invited to deliver a PR campaign that promoted the Talisker partnership with Dark Mofo whilst aligning with its new ‘Wild Spirit’ global campaign. To do this, we had to craft a Talisker-owned story that could be used as a media hook to highlight the brand’s “Wild Spirits” and “Made by the Sea” messaging.


We wanted to build a bigger brand story that had scope to live beyond the festival activation. So, we created a ‘Wild Spirits’  programme, a collection of adventures in the Tasmania wilderness, and an accompanying narrative that placed Talisker at the core. A selection of key media titles were selected to enjoy the delights of the Talisker activations at the festival before being treated to a 'Wild Spirits' escape. The latter also presented an opportunity for Talisker to capture beautiful, localised content during the experience for use with owned and earned media. This concept allowed us to both promote the partnership and bring to life the key values of the brand, whilst encouraging consumers to join the Talisker tribe in seeking their own adventure.

Talisker Bottle
Sea Plane for Talisker Event
Man with Octopus for cooking
Talisker Drinks Set Up
People at Talisker Event
Talisker Satelitels House

"Thank you for a great, rich and engaging Talisker x Dark Mofo. It was a really amazing campaign, with impressive results exceeding our expectations"

– Kathryn Percy, Brand Manager, Diageo


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